Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas
Size: 24″x36″
Date: 2019
This painting is blacklight sensitive.
In Catholic Mass, the Sacrament of Communion always struck me, where the congregation drinks wine and wafers symbolizing the blood and body of Jesus Christ. In keeping with my ongoing efforts to explore both science and spirituality in my work, I started building very organic imagery that relates to the story and reasons behind Communion:
  • Feet: we all stand as one in faith
  • Melting Lamp with Inner Light: The shell of the soul dripping away with time
  • The Chalice, Wine, Skull, Demon Horn and Angel Wing: The blood tainted with death which is balanced by good and evil
  • The Wafer/Sun/Halo: The birth of the spirit escaping death below it and the sacrament nourishing the soul.
  • Saturn: the circles of rings, orbits, moons and their gravity hits at the heart of cycles and the recycling of nature as we know it
  • The Candle as a Lighthouse or Watchtower: represents both the spiritual light leading the way as well as one’s individual life cycle and time burning away.


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