About Us

Miles Davis and Merissa Corbet Davis | Artists | Massive Burn Studios
Slave to Vice | Original Art by Miles Davis | Massive Burn Studios

Massive Burn Studios, Inc. was established in 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia by entrepreneurial and creative duo Miles Davis and Merissa Corbet Davis. Initially created to showcase the artwork and illustrations of modern surrealist painter Miles Davis, the company has since grown into a full fledged creative services firm.


Massive Burn’s work in the fine art arena ranges from whimsical to refined, and focuses on the juxtaposition of contemporary and visionary art, addressing such topics as spirituality, politics, sex, and rock n’ roll, among others. Gaining inspiration from the digital age and Gen-X mentality, Miles adds a surrealistic flair to his somewhat controversial paintings, which have drawn strong emotional responses from viewers and collectors alike.


Since its inception, the duo has gained recognition and acclaim for their achievements across the southeast and the nation. With a fine artist on one side and a graphic/web designer on the other, they have cultivated a collection of album artwork for such proclaimed bands as Sevendust, Saturate, and BrokenTrust, to name a few. They also have a few comically-derived illustrative lines in the works, including Nice Ass Cards, and have been published for their children’s picture book series Butterpup & friends™.

Drowning in Digital | Original Art by Miles Davis | Massive Burn Studios