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Miles Davis to Design Second Album for Saturate

Massive Burn Studios will Paint Cover Art for “The Separation Effect”

It may come as no surprise that Massive Burn Studios is closely tapped in to rock music. From screaming faces and dramatically lit scenes, the artwork of Miles Davis is full of emotion, inspired, in part, by his love for hard rock music. While painting in the studio, you will rarely catch him without the music blaring. The ability to soak up the emotion from one element and then purge it onto the canvas is one of the things that makes art so ethereal, as if the music is sending a message through you, through the paint.

Thus, it is only natural that rock bands and musicians gravitate toward the style and art that Miles creates. Enter heavy rock outfit Saturate from Houston, Texas.

Saturate: The Point of No Return Art by Massive Burn Studios

Album Art for Saturate’s Album “The Point of No Return,” Designed by Massive Burn Studios

“We’ve known Jimmy, Mike, Hector, and the other members of Saturate for years now,” recalls Merissa, Art Director and Graphic Designer for Massive Burn Studios. “We first met the group as they were working on their second album ‘The Point of No Return.’ We developed the concept for this album after just a few phone conversations with Jimmy Miller, lead singer and co-founder of the band. After they approved the initial concept, we went straight into the full process. Miles illustrated and painted the cover art, while I designed and produced the layout for the booklet and cd itself. We are really proud of this album. It’s definitely a highlight of our portfolio and shows how well our talents merge.”

Photo courtesy of Saturate.

Photo courtesy of Saturate.

Massive Burn Studios is pleased to announce that they will be teaming up with Saturate once again on their forthcoming album “The Separation Effect.” Miles is set to design and illustrate the cover art for this, Saturate’s fourth record, currently in production. The concept has been approved, and Miles is excited to start painting. We hope to bring you updates as the album progresses. Keep your finger on the pulse at or  to hear the latest. And support the band’s efforts in the studio by preordering the album (and other goodies) on their kickstarter campaign, available through Sunday, June 14.

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Miles Davis Interview with Art is King Founder Dan Flores

Miles Davis Interviewed by Art Is King

Earlier this year, Miles Davis had the opportunity to share his inspirations and aspirations for Massive Burn Studios and his personal art career with Art is King founder Daniel Flores. Take a listen to the podcast, and find out what makes Miles Davis tick. Many thanks to Dan Flores of Art is King for the interview and their support of the Atlanta art scene.

Listen to the full interview here:

To learn more about Art is King and the League of Art Entrepreneurs, visit

A brief note from Daniel Flores:

Atlanta is home to a massive amount of insanely creative artists and we have to include Marcus Miles Davis to that list. The Atlanta based POP-Surrealist who goes by the name of Miles Davis, has left his mark high and low. He can’t help it. Ive been to his home and every room in his house is filled with canvas. Every bookshelf in his studio is filled with black books full of painting ideas.

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A Closer Look: Glide

Glide Original Painting by Miles Davis of Massive Burn Studios

Over the next week and a half, we will be taking a closer look at a few of the featured paintings in our solo exhibit  Vital Chroma. We hope that you will plan to make it to the event, as we will be showcasing over 70 original paintings in one night. For more information on Vital Chroma, click here.

The first painting we’ll be featuring in this series is Glide.


Glide I have been told numerous times by viewers and collectors that I paint many skulls in my work. This is true, and I’ve been asked if I enjoy painting “dark” things. The short answer is “Yes. I do enjoy painting dark themes. I feel it is personally therapeutic.” However, additionally, I do not always look at skulls as being dark. This odd piece resulted directly from that notion and was an attempt to paint the skull and a spirit in a brighter context than just “death.” This idea drives the overall feel of the painting. The cloak or ribbon is meant to encompass a spirit and is rendered in bright colors in homage to the coat of many colors in the biblical story about Joseph. The spectrum of colors is also meant to represent the different lenses through which death can be perceived. The bright day and green rolling hills hold purpose to further lighten the load of “death,” and the 3 wind turbines are indicative of the winds of change. Maybe this piece is more about the death of a chapter in life or the end of a phase in life, leading to brighter days despite the bittersweet emotions dealt in something having to die for something else to flourish. Such is the balance of life, I suppose.

This painting will be on display at our solo exhibit Vital Chroma, Saturday, April 27th from 7pm to 11pm. More details about Vital Chroma can be found here.

For more details or to purchase Glide, click here to visit this painting in our gallery.

Now Showing at Gallery 1526!

Miles Davis shows at Gallery 1526

Massive Burn Studios is pleased to announce the great news! Miles Davis won “Best Technical Design” at the 2013 – Year of the Artist art event held in January at Gallery 1526. As reward for his achievement, Miles was invited to display his artwork at Gallery 1526. Through the month of February, come by the gallery to see a selection of Miles Davis originals, and click here for details on the benefit gala on February 23rd. Thank you to Melanie Pierce and Gallery 1526 for the opportunity. More news to come from Gallery 1526, so stay tuned!

Gallery 1526
1526 Dekalb Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA 30307

Hours: Mondays 9a-12p and 6p-8p
and by appointment

For more information, visit Gallery 1526 here.

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