Miles Davis


Miles Davis, Artist

Miles was born prematurely into a military family in a cold January 1979. His lungs collapsed and he survived in an incubator for a month or so before he could breathe on his own. On his first birthday, he had a close family friend and regular babysitter from Korea that wanted to perform a ceremony on Miles with his parents’ permission. The ceremony included various items placed in a circle on the ground surrounding Miles and after the proper preparations, Miles was let loose to pick one of the items. This item would be his life’s calling and purpose. He picked up a paintbrush!

Ever since he could walk, Miles has been drawing and painting. His parents recall stories of him “spacing out” while playing and then ditching his playmates in favor of drawing on copy paper for hours on end. When Miles was turning 5, his parents were divorced and much of his childhood was spent traveling not only with the military, but between households with his younger brother Preston. Much of the long flights and drives he kept himself occupied by drawing and creating.

Though his life long passion to create never ceased, Miles didn’t think he could create full time until he was about to graduate high school. He excelled in school and athletics, but his heart was always into creating art. He attended Auburn University and graduated with a bachelor in fine arts with a concentration in painting in 2003. He promptly moved to Atlanta and began the artistic journey that has led him to the present day. Miles was fortunate enough to have met Merissa Corbet, who later became his wife, in 2004 and, at her urging and with her help, started Massive Burn Studios, Inc. in mid 2005. Every year since, the company has grown and the future looks bright.


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