A Closer Look: Heard. Seen. Spoken.

In preparation for the big night, we will be taking a closer look at a few of the featured paintings in our solo exhibit Vital Chroma. We hope that you will plan to make it to the event, as we will be showcasing over 70 original paintings in one night. For more information on Vital Chroma, click here.

For this post, we will feature the painting “Heard. Seen. Spoken.”

Heard. Seen. Spoken.

Heard. Seen. Spoken. Original Artwork by Miles Davis

Heard. Seen. Spoken. crop

Detail displaying the collaged newspaper clippings and dollar bills used to depict the unsubstantiated propaganda spewed by the media and media followers.

This piece deals with the reality of lost innocence and the impurity of most adults on a long enough timeline. The accessibility of information these days with the internet, unfiltered, allows for the hearing, seeing, and sometimes regurgitation or “speaking” of information that is not truly understood…all because the information was available. By portraying the opposite of the old adage “See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil,” this painting seeks to explore and confront the inner filter of such information of not only myself but also the viewer. The Figure with Headphones can hear things but cannot see them or tell you about them, whereas the figure with one eye can see and hear things, but cannot tell you about them without a mouth, and lastly, the yelling figure is spewing information in a forceful way, but is blind to what they are seeing.

This painting will be on display at our solo exhibit Vital Chroma, Saturday, April 27th from 7pm to 11pm. More details about Vital Chroma can be found here.

For more details or to purchase Heard. Seen. Spoken., click here to visit this painting in our gallery.

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